Do I need a VAT number to register on Bazarissimo?

Registration on Bazarissimo can also take place as a natural person.
To be able to sell products with an e-commerce or web pages you need a VAT number.


We advise you to contact a tax consultant or accountant in your country, as these are the subjects that always have the most accurate and up-to-date information on the subject.

In the "Dropshipping Products" tab I see few products, do you have only those?

No, in our “Dropshipping Products” tab you just see some examples.
The products available, among various sizes, colors and sizes, are over 10 thousand!

You can see all the products once you have completed registration.
Find all informations here:
Look at the products we have in the catalog without paying!

How do I register in Bazarissimo?

Registering is easy! Click in any “Subscribe Now” buttons available on the site!

Can the service be interrupted at any time? Are there any penalties?

The service can be interrupted at any time and there are no penalties to pay. If you decide to withdraw within 10 days you will be reimbursed the amount paid.

After 10 days you can interrupt the relationship but you will not be reimbursed the amount you paid.

You can request the withdrawal directly in your account in the Webscrivania.

What earnings can I have by selling Bazarissimo's products?

Your earnings only depend on how much you decide to increase on the price you pay when you buy our products (dropship price). Bazarissimo doesn’t oblige to sell at any price.

The price you find written as Recommended Price is only the selling price to the public but is not mandatory.

The percentage of earnings varies from a minimum of 16% to a rise, this depends on the type of item and also on your ability as a seller.

Do I have to buy the products first and then pay for them?

The products are purchased only after they have been sold and the amount collected.

In practice, your customer buys a product and pays it to you. As soon as you see the order and the amount in your account, log in to your Webscrivania upload the order with the product sold and pay it to Bazarissimo.

Will I be notified of any price changes to update the site?

Yes, before every major change, an average of 15 days before, an email is sent communicating which products will be subject to price changes.

However, we recommend that you create an automatism with our CSVs so that your platform synchronizes and updates itself automatically every day.

Shipping and costs: how does it work?

I wrote an article with all the detailed information that you could need, you can find it by clicking here

How much does it cost to work with you?

Find all the details by clicking here. There are different subscription methods and you can safely suspend them whenever you want, without any obligation.

How is invoicing done?

Bazarissimo issues an invoice to you dealer every first day of the month with all sales made in the previous month.
All invoices can be downloaded at your convenience, from your Webscrivania and remain registered and always available.

The invoice is issued in your name with the amounts you have paid to Bazarissimo.

We don’t send the invoice to your customer, you must make the invoice to be delivered or sent to your customer.

Does the package Bazarissimo appear in the package you send to my client?

The package is anonymous, there is no written Bazarissimo. Inside the package there is a delivery voucher that you can personalize with your logo, where as your sender your data is written (ie. the one who sends the goods) and as recipient the name of your customer.

Nothing is written either on the package or on the delivery note placed inside the package. Practically your client cannot go back to Bazarissimo.

The delivery note that the courier issues to your customer reports the name of All Vertigos LTD as a company that sent the package.

What are the delivery times to the customer from the order transmission?

It always depends on the type of order, generally the shipment always starts within 3 working days unless otherwise specified

I wrote an article with all the detailed and up-to-date information that you can use. You can find it by clicking here


Where can I sell?

You can sell the products where it seems most convenient to you: e-commerce, web pages, ads, ebay or other online auction sites. Bazarissimo leaves full autonomy and freedom of sale.

If I sell an item but it is out of stock in your warehouse, how should I behave?

The thing to do is to open a ticket at the warehouse to find out when it will be available again, or if there will be no more availability.

The suggestion that I can give you is to insert a notice directly to your customer with written that in the case of product exhausted the amount that he has paid will be reimbursed.

How long does it take to sell?

You can make the first sale on the first day, after a month or a year. It all depends on the sales methods you use, if you advertise, if you bring traffic to your site and if you target the right audience.

In fact, from our experience on Bazarissimo we have noticed that there are Dealers who start selling immediately and there are Dealers who do not sell after a month, depending on how they work.

Can I have a CSV file for example e-commerce?

You can download by clicking HERE the example CSV file, you will see in this way how our files are organized for e-commerce.


The file is for testing only: titles, descriptions, prices are purely random.

To download the file, right click on “click here” and save the file as.
The encoding is “UTF-8” while the separator is the semicolon “;” (without quotes).

Where can you upload your CSV files?

Our files can be loaded without problems on:

  • Storeden
  • Shopify
  • Dropsheep
  • Woocommerce (WordPress)
  • Prestashop
  • SellRapido
  • GarageSale


If you have a different platform you can download the CSV for e-commerce and adapt it to your platform in an easy way, or you can create a template with the fields in the order you prefer and with the separators you want.

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