Here is how to become a Reseller in Dropship.
Create your online sales company without investing money and you’re ready to make money from home.

Bazarissimo is the dropship site where you find a complete system, from A to Z,
to start a home-based business that is profitable and fun.

These are products that you can start selling from the day you sign up.

You will be provided with csv files immediately with photos of the products, descriptions,
the list prices recommended by us but not mandatory
and the quantities of products updated in real time.

From your private “Webscrivania” you have access to all the information – you can check your orders,
download invoices, check the progress of your orders in real time
and have the direct assistance of our staff.

All with maximum convenience: from your computer, to your home, without any warehouse or supplier to manage,
no parcel to send or move and without having to invest capital in the purchase of products.

We do all the work and you can check everything through your private Webscrivania
from your computer!

With all these products, services and techniques anyone can start selling on the web
choosing the products you prefer and …
you count the money while you accumulate on your accounts.

All this doing something that you love because it reflects your skills and passions.

The Six Reasons to Use the Drop Ship

The advantages you get with this system are:

  1. Saving your time in installing the products
  2. No inventory costs and warehouse management
  3. No cost for packaging, shipping and returns
  4. You pay for the product only after collecting from your customer
  5. You can test the market with little investment
  6. Spend more time on activities that increase your income, like marketing, advertising and customer management

All sellers know that after purchasing products,
if sales do not take off
the thoughts that start to crowd the mind are:

“Did I make a bad purchase? …

When will I return with the capital? …

and if I do not sell them? “…

Dear seller I also know that many sales experts claim
that with the dropship it takes too much time, work and the profit is minimal.

The truth is that it’s all FALSE!!

Here because…

Most sellers are used to calculating only the profit margin
which get from the difference between the price paid at the time of purchase of the product
and the selling price of the same.

  • No one calculates the cost of their working hours.
  • Nobody takes into consideration the fact that: the daily working hours are limited!


If you have to deal with the negotiations for the purchase of products,
prepare and ship the goods sold and manage any returns

  • surely you’re not investing your time in the sale!

How it Works

  • To launch your online business at home, simply sign up for Bazarissimo from this page.
  • You will be directed to your personal Webscrivania.
  • You can choose between three secure payment methods: credit card, paypal or bank transfer
  • As soon as the payment is made automatically by the Webscrivania you have access to all the files and photos to download.
  • From your Webscrivania, through the window you can choose the products you prefer to sell.
  • Download the csv file and prepare it so you can upload it to your web page or e-commerce.
  • After you have sold an item go to the webscr and from the order management page you can enter your new order.
  • The system will allow you to choose the payment you prefer for the order you are placing (credit card, paypal or bank transfer).
  • Completed the insertion of the order from your webscrivania you can check with the maximum comfort and in real time the taking in charge of the order from our warehouse and the progress of your package up to the delivery to your customer.
  • If you do not have the time or the desire to enter your webscrivania you can easily check your email because you will be sent an email to each progress of your order.
  • With the tracking number of the shipment that you provide yourself, you can, independently, check the status of your delivery also through the courier’s website.
  • From your Webscrivania you have access to all your invoices and the history of your orders.
  • In case your customer intends to exercise the right of withdrawal or that the product presents anomalies, always from the webscrivania activate the return procedure to return the product to our warehouse

To continue….

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