Look at the products we have in the catalog without paying!

Until today to see all the products you had to register and make the payment.
Obviously now I will explain the reasons that led us to this solution.

But in the meantime I inform you that now even if you do not pay, YOU CAN SEE ALL THE PRODUCTS THAT WE HAVE IN CATALOG!

Start by explaining why it was not possible to see the products before enrollment:
At the beginning Bazarissimo offered the possibility to see in detail all the products available, without even the registration.

Some, however, had started taking prices and descriptions to make “trials”.
This seriously damaged those who wanted to sell seriously because it was “competitors” who offered products at absurd prices.

From there the decision to limit the vision to everyone. Unfortunately we knew it was not the best thing.

So we gave back the opportunity to see the whole catalog with a limitation: you will not see the reserved price and the recommended price, but only your income!
In this way we hope that the bad initial experience will not be repeated.

Of course, after the paid subscription you will see all the prices and you will unlock all the features of the WebScrivania (possibility to make orders, download CSV, etc.).

Once you have registered you will have the opportunity to complete the registration with the payment.
If you do not register, there are no problems: THERE ARE NO PAYMENT OBLIGATIONS!




Remember that you always have 14 days to cancel the service with a refund!

I hope you take advantage of this new possibility! 🙂

See you next time!