Mission and Business Objectives of the Team.



Bazarissimo is managed by Infinite Looper OÜ

The management makes use of a group of collaborators born and professionally grown with the time that after 8 years of uninterrupted activity sees more than 3,000 online sellers active in Italy using the Bazarissimo Drop Ship System.

Collaborators who for years have worked in management, training and improvements designed to make the work of vendors and suppliers simple and in step with the times.


The goal of the Bazarissimo Team is:

Offer a complete and unique system for those interested in starting an online sales business using DropShipping.

Offer articles, services, assistance, training and information in a constantly evolving market.

Search and propose always new articles of various product sectors with a shipping service
of products, effective and fast.

azarissimo is proud to offer this opportunity for professional and economic growth,
believing it is a valid means of countering the economic crisis that is affecting us.

The solution in our opinion is: to react positively giving the maximum.

And that’s what we at the Team are doing.

We are sure that our Drop Ship System is a functional and renumbering tool
for the seller or supplier who decides to join our team.

Bazarissimo.com is proposed by
Infinite Looper OÜ
Parda 8
Tallin – 10151

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