Dearest Dropship Supplier!
Here’s how to acquire Free Sales Agents. Receive the order, send the goods and collect.

You are arrived on this page because as a supplier you want to increase
the sales of your products effectively?

You are about to discover the only system in Italy to increase sales of your products

  • Without hiring new sellers,
  • Without having to manage sales networks,
  • Without spending money on advertising,
  • Without managing e-commerce or sales pages.

You do not even need to think about whether the customer will pay you on the set deadline.

Dear supplier I know that all sales experts claim that to get more sales
it takes effort, effort and a lot of money.

In truth all that they have told you is FALSE!

Here because …

We at Bazarissimo have a staff of sellers,
we manage orders, shipments and answer all customer questions.

You don’t even need to pay anything because Bazarissimo earns from the sales of your products.

How it works?

You only need to provide the following information:

  • Photos of your products
  • Accurate description of the products you intend to sell
  • Quantity available in stock
  • Price reserved for us
  • Retail price

Once we receive the data, we insert your products into our sales system.
The sales staff will then upload your products to their online stores.

As soon as one of the sellers makes a sale, we turn over the order and the amount.

Received the order and the amount the only thing to do is prepare the package for shipping.
We take care to send our courier to collect the package e
deliver it directly to the final customer.

In the case of questions or complaints from the customer
everything will be managed by our staff and you will not be disturbed.


Perhaps you are not structured to manage shipments for individual products?
We do not even think about this problem.

Can you imagine your products loaded on thousands of online stores?

Since 2007 we serve hundreds of sellers we know the market and we were the first
in Italy to start this type of service.

Do you want to become our supplier? Contact our office by sending one
mail from the contact page: Click here!

Want to deepen the philosophy of those behind Bazarissimo? Click here

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